Chris’ Story

Chris is familiar with Goodwill programs and has utilized services since he was a young adult. So it is no surprise that he returned to Goodwill for assistance in mapping out a plan to get his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license. Chris was providing home health care to a family member when the home health provider suggested he get his CNA license. When he talked to Goodwill’s Employment Specialist, Chris learned about the CNA training offered at Goodwill and administered by Quality Career Pathways. Grant funding pays tuition for individuals wanting to pursue a career in health care.

By offering these classes at Goodwill, individuals also have on-site access to their Employment Specialist who can assist them in overcoming any obstacles that get in the way of completing the training. Chris was interested in pursuing a career path with more opportunities for advancement and since he had an interest in helping others, this seemed like the perfect fit. Chris enrolled in the CNA program at Goodwill and received his CNA license. He was the recipient of the Regina Bell Award for exemplary classroom achievement and used his monetary award to obtain his medication aide
license. At the completion of this training in September 2021, he found employment as a home health aide. He received a raise for his initiative and remains currently employed with this provider. Chris stated, “Goodwill
has opened doors and improved the quality of life for my family.”

Chris wants to position himself to provide his children with a good life. He is definitely on track to do that. Chris’ supervisor stated; “Chris is absolutely amazing. As an employee, he checks all the boxes. He’s dependable and communicates well.”