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Community Service Overview

The heart of Goodwill Omaha’s mission is second chances, and we offer limited opportunities for individuals required to fulfill court-ordered community service hours as well as for high school students who may be required to perform community service to graduate.

Please note that our criteria for community service requests are specific and opportunities are very limited. We only accept community service participants who have been referred to Goodwill by an appropriate contact.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Community Service program, participants must:

  • Be referred to us by one of the following:
    • Agency case managers
    • Approved agency contacts
    • Social workers
    • Local probation offices
    • School district employees (e.g., advisors, guidance counselors, activity sponsors, other district employees)
  • Not have a conviction of any of the following:
    • Any crime of a violent or sexual nature (this includes stalking, terroristic threats, endangerment, harassment, etc.)
    • Any crime against a child or minor
    • Any type of theft, burglary, robbery, or shoplifting

Participants accepted into Goodwill Omaha’s community service program will be required to read and sign an agreement outlining Goodwill’s rules, expectations and requirements before they begin community service at any of our locations. Any breach or violation of this agreement will result in immediate dismissal from the community service program, and we will notify the agency or school district representative who referred you to Goodwill.

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View the Conduct Agreement

Ready to Participate?

To be considered for Goodwill Omaha’s community service program, please have your agency case manager, approved agency contact, social worker, or probation officer contact us.

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