Starting April 1, Goodwill Omaha is partnering with Resupply Inc. for donation pickups. As a team of former military operators and logistics specialists, the team at Resupply knows what it takes to get the right stuff to the right place.

In the last three years, Resupply has picked up gently used goods from more than 150,000 households in 39 states and delivered them to over 400 different charities. Helping you make your goods make an impact is what Resupply does. Helping charities get the donations they need to fund their mission is why it matters.

Keep It Out of Landfills

As experts in the local thrift store supply chain, Resupply knows which items Goodwill Omaha accepts. If we can’t accept an item, Resupply will find another charity who can. Their goal is to get dump trips to zero.

Schedule Your Donation Pickup

With Resupply’s priority pickups you can preschedule your donation pickup up to two weeks in advance. If you need your stuff gone right away or are stressed about that last-minute move, you can lean on Resupply with pickups in as little as 48 hours.


He came out on time today and is the best hauler I’ve ever had. He efficiently loaded the file cabinets I donated.

Whoever thought up the ReSupply, knew what they were doing. The emails are accurate and efficient and a convenient way to pay.

Goodwill has certainly upped their game. Thanks.

Fair Pricing

Resupply pickups are priced by the piece, and reflect the costs that the charities are typically left to manage. With Resupply’s pricing calculator, you’ll receive an estimate of what your donation pickup will cost before you schedule it. Resupply’s average pickup is a combination of one or two pieces of furniture, several bags of clothes, and a few boxes of small household goods, and you’ll receive a donation tax receipt for your donated items.

Click the button below to learn more about donation pickups with Resupply.

Donation Pickup