September 1, 2023

Round it up for Maui Fire Relief

Goodwill Omaha ‘Round-It-Up’ Campaign Will Help Maui Families


Goodwill Hawaii is a designated emergency disaster relief site where families affected by wildfires come to receive help with services. Additionally, Goodwill is helping families find employment, rent, and food assistance.


Throughout the month of September 2023, Goodwill Omaha retail stores will ask shoppers if they want to round their purchases up to the next dollar — or higher — and Goodwill Omaha will donate and match all of the rounded-up money to the emergency relief efforts needed in Maui.


“Goodwill has the best customers — they’re so generous,” said Shantel Featherson, director of retail operations at Goodwill Omaha. “Our customers come through every time we raise money to help others, and I have no doubt they’ll show their generosity again. We’ve all experienced difficult times, but most of us can’t understand what it’s like to lose everything, and in some cases, loss includes losing a loved one.  Goodwill stands in solidarity with Goodwill Hawaii, and we want to help the people in Maui.”


Featherson added that Goodwill Omaha’s month-long round-it-up campaigns typically generate $7,500 or more for the causes they support.


“We have application and selection processes for round-it-up campaigns, and we typically run four a year,” said Tobi Mathouser, president and CEO at Goodwill Omaha. “When I listen to or watch the news, I am deeply saddened by the effects the devastating fires caused to the people in Maui, and I think most people feel similarly. This is a small thing Goodwill Omaha can facilitate as a way to help.”


Goodwill Omaha’s “Round It Up for Maui” campaign begins when Goodwill stores open on September 1 and ends on September 30.