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Senior Discount Day

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Seniors, ages 55+, save 10% every second Wednesday of the month. Offer excludes the Goodwill Outlet Center, new goods, and the color of the week sale items. Not to be included with any other sale or coupon.

Be your BEST Self

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This training prepares individuals to have a positive mindset and the difference between positive and negative behaviors and responses. This course will assist you with trying to change your mindset towards a positive outlook and how those changes can be...

Communication Skills

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

Individuals will learn how to communicate effectively and build relationships. Better communication skills will help with advancing in their work place and in their personal life with effective communication skills.

Financial Literacy 2

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This course prepares individuals to learn how to accurately read a paystub, write a check, and identify where their money is going. Interactive activates will keep you engaged and realizing of where your money has been going.