CNA Registration North Campus

North Goodwill 4805 N 72nd Street, Omaha

Click here for the Application. The application must be turned in to by 3pm Wed May 31st Interviews held between Monday June 5th – Wednesday June 7th 9am – 3pm Are you available during the scheduled time listed below? Mandatory Orientation/Employability...

Basic Computer

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

The computer basics class will teach individuals the basic knowledge of a computer. It consist of learning the part of the computer, keyboarding skills, and basic techniques of using a computer.

Excel 1.1

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This course introduces individuals to the basics of how to utilize different areas within Microsoft Excel. Individuals will learn How to enter data, formatting, and merging cells.

Critical Thinking

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This course will teach the fundamentals for much needed critical thinking and how to solve problems or make decisions.

ESP-Etiqueta de Correo Electrónico

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

El curso de etiqueta de correo electrónico le enseñará la etiqueta adecuada al escribir correos electrónicos en un entorno profesional y personal. Este curso abordará la importancia de una línea de asunto, el cuerpo y el cierre de un correo...