All Day

Powerpoint 1.1

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This class will explore PowerPoint capabilities and creation of new basic presentations.  

Excel 1.1

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This course introduces individuals to the basics of how to utilize different area’s within Microsoft Excel. Individuals will learn How to enter data, formatting, and merging cells.

Critical Thinking

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

This course will teach the fundamentals for much needed critical thinking and how to solve problems or make decisions.  

Event Series Amazon Hiring Event

Amazon Employer Spotlight

North Goodwill 4805 N 72nd Street, Omaha

Amazon is hiring! Stop by Amazon's hiring event if you're looking for a change of career, a part-time job, or just another stream of income. There will be staff on-site to help with applications. For more information, contact Patty Rast...

ESP-Conceptos Básicos de Computación

South Omaha 3505 L Street, Omaha

La clase de conceptos básicos de computación enseñará a las personas el conocimiento básico de una computadora. Consiste en aprender la parte de la computadora, habilidades de teclado y técnicas básicas de uso de una computadora.